The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Action at the 2023 New York International Auto Show

At the 2023 New York International Auto Show, Toyota Connected worked with Lexus to do something a little different at one of the world’s most prominent auto shows. Together, they introduced a generative artificial intelligence art rendering tool, which allowed guests to send themselves digital copies of the Lexus RX or RZ that they designed.

“If a guest could think it, there’s a very real chance they could create it,” said Shravanthi Denthumdas, VP, Mobility, whose team of engineers worked with Lexus marketing on the program.

Generative AI has a world of potential for helping shoppers see how something might look in a certain scenario. In the case of Lexus, engineers rendered their model using more than 500 photos of each of the Lexus RX and RZ and used an open-source data set that could interpret nearly any sort of background.

“A huge benefit we saw,” Denthumdas said, “is that Generative AI opens up a true one-to-one connection with guests. For a potential car shopper, this lowers the barrier to entry, picturing your car on your own terms.”

She continued: “For Lexus, the benefits are also huge. Rather than a photo shoot with costly CGI effects applied in post-production, we really can show you how your favorite car might look in a far-off land with just a text prompt and about 20 seconds to provide a result.”

See below for some images and videos from the Lexus display and accompanying video.

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